Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I work to LIVE but I don't live to work...

Well it's been a while since I last posted. I have been so busy trying to schedule my life around work : (

I work a full time boring desk job in downtown Houston. I do not enjoy my job. It's not my passion. It pays the bills though. Hopefully I can find a job closer to home. I spend almost 2 hours a day commuting. It makes me so sad knowing that I am spending 40 hours a week in a closed up space....with no window-view...sitting at a small desk staring at a computer monitor! Is that any way to spend my life? Ugghh....

I hope to one day break free from this rut and find something more suitable. I love nature, health, and raw food. What job could I find near Houston that involves any of these passions? Hmmmm.....

We are getting our puppy next month!!! We have been on a waiting list for over a year. We're getting an American Mastiff from .

I don't know which one is ours but here's a picture of the litter

We are all super excited. Meanwhile my cats have been getting into trouble. I grew my first flats of wheat grass and I have learned a valuable lesson. Grow a small one for the cats and keep them away from mine!!

I had to run to Whole Foods at lunch to get more wheat berries. I just couldn't bear the thought of using the wheat grass after I saw this big
indentation left from my cat's rear end.

They love the stuff. They have been eating "salad" every time I turn my back. I am attempting container gardening. You can see the boxes in the window behind my cats. It's a learn-as-you-go situation. I'm trying to do it all organically this time. So far I have tomatoes, bush beans, cucumbers, zucchini, yellow squash and butternut squash. Then I ran out of room. I have to move the squash plants around this weekend. My mom told me that they really take up a lot of room. So my sweetie is going to build me a new box!

Well one of my biggest supporters of my raw food adventure is my little girl. She is really getting into it. I have three daughters. The two older ones are interested and try everything but are not as gung-ho as my youngest. Here are the cutest pictures of her with her snap-pea adventure after we came home from the farmer's market this weekend. She had never had them before. She loved them but was also very interested and intrigued by those little snap peas.

Her work of art >>>>>>>
Well...that's my update for now... I am keeping on keeping on. I will post more later. The gig is up and I have to actually do some work now. My manager came back from his meeting. He sits right beside me. (I'm joking....I am dedicated at whatever I set my hands to do---I was just taking a much needed break). I'm not kidding about the seating arrangement. It makes for a very strange working environment.
Be Raw!!!

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Connie said...

Nice blog.

Cute kids and pets.

Congrats on the disappearing cancer act. :)