Friday, April 4, 2008

I stand in shock and awe!!!!

This is quite amazing. I haven't mentioned this but I was diagnosed with the early stages of cervical cancer in the beginning part of this year. It was last year that they told me that I had the HPV virus. When I heard the doctor say that the tests came out showing that I had early stages of cancer, I was devastated. I had always tried to make good health choices and exercised regularly. That's when I decided to go raw in full force. The doctor gave me the option of either: 1) waiting a year to see if my immune system will kick in and heal my body or 2) getting the cells treated in the office (I guess they burn them off?). Well I got the results yesterday. I am happy to report that everything is gone!!! Even the HPV virus. I remember being told that once you have HPV then you always have it. Well I don't have it anymore!!!!

I am so totally blissed out right now!

Be Raw!!!


Kristen's Raw said...


I'm so happy for you and sharing in your joy!


Paula said...

Praise God!!!!! Rawk on Sister!

Anonymous said...

HPV gone? Have you been tested before raw food?
And then, you've been tested after?
So basically, you are telling us you have been tested with HPV and then yOU've been tested without???

I just got the information I have it and I'm on 80/10/10RV since few days.
I just wonder... if I'll get rid of it!


Anonymous said...

Oh... another question!
How much time passed between the two tests?

Natalie said...

I was very inspired to see your blog and also the inteview at Tanisha Marshall's site. It gives me hope, I was diagnozed with HPV with 10-20% chance of cancer this week.
Did you avoid any raw foods, like sweet fruit, too many nuts, etc?
Did you take any "superfoods" or supplements (spirulina, green powders, etc)?
Any other details about your diet?
I'm not 100% raw yet but I am highly motivated to get there, especially now. Struggling with family who is not sure about raw and also not enough knowledge, recipes that I'm comfortable with, to make this leap. Thank you so much.